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Self-Deception and the 2008 Financial Crisis 08/11/2010 View
How ubiquituos Self-Deception manifested in the 2008 financial crisis; how we may come to grips with this devastating human shortcoming.
Required Reading for Study Groups 02/28/2009 View
A selection of books on the Gurdjieff, Buddhism, Christianity, and Toltec traditions, as well as modern authors and modern science.
Freedom 03/10/2009 View
The basic attitudes, risks and capacities needed for the spiritual journey.
Core Aims & Aspirations 02/28/2009 View
Practical tasks one can use to transform one's life.
Bibliography - Spiritual Primers 02/28/2009 View
Books spanning the Ancient Traditions included in Gurdjieff's teachings, such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Sufism, plus Kebzeh, Toltec and more.
Bibliography - Modern Authors 01/02/2009 View
Authors representing a wide variety of disciplines and backgrounds expressing ideas similar to Gurdjieff's in their works, but using their own language and experience.

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