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Working Hypotheses of ATCC

I. All is a vast, unending Mystery. As near as we can ascertain:
1. Life is a continuum of change unfolding in accordance with unchanging laws, animated by the conscious intent of the One Creator-Being, or "God".
2. Each individual manifestation within the Web of Life is interdependent, interactive and interrelated to all others by the unifying and organizing attributes of the One.
3. A Human Being is a hologram, a microcosm of the One Macrocosm with all its attributes, but differing in scale.
4. The Being of a Human Being can be expressed as a "Spark of the Divine Flame", that "Spirit" which animates its ever-changing physical and energy bodies, manifesting within the framework of unchanging laws, with conscious intent.
5. The energy body, or "Soul", is our "growing point", incarnated in a physical body, endowed with the potential of Consiousness, Individuality, and Will.
6. As developing Souls, we are endowed with the freedom to manifest our Individuality, within the framework of unchanging laws, for the purpose of learning through our experiences.
7. "Learning" is the Soul's ability to use its endowments of intelligence and awareness to reflect upon its perceptions, experiences, and the consequences of its choices, all of which are law-conformable, and to use those reflections to make choices in the present.
8. Freedom is the ability of a Soul to choose between manifesting its vision consciously in alignment with the intent of Spirit, or unconsciously through defaulting to the mechanical drives of the physical self.
9. Our ability to choose proceeds out of our ability to focus, expand, sustain or redirect our attention to change the quality of our perceptions, and thereby our actions, which proceed out of our perceptions.

II.Through impartial observation, we can perceive that human life in general is out of harmony with the rest of Life on our planet.
10. We are born in tune with natural harmony, but as undeveloped potential. However, we are born into a culture that is the result of countless generations of unconscious, mechanical living.
11. Not only are people living unconsciously and mechanically, but we have become dangerously out of balance with natural laws such that the overall quality of life is deteriorating at a rapid rate.
12. Through our dependence upon, and our interactions with, unconscious, mechanical, out of balance people, we develop into equally unconscious, mechanical, out of balance adults.
13. The mechanism by which this is accomplished is the internalization of beliefs ABOUT Reality that do not accurtately REFLECT Reality absorbed through our interactions with others.
14. Beliefs, taken together, are understood to be the frame of reference that shapes our perceptions and worldview.
15. Our perceptions, instead of being direct and objective, are partial and subjective, filtered by the operative beliefs. This creates a self-fulfilling prophesy: "Believing, we see; seeing, we believe."
16. Producing the greatest imbalance is the core belief that "I am the most important being in manifestation; all Life revolves around me."
17. This inflated self-importance manifests as two opposite, polarized extremes: self-deprecation and self-aggrandizement: "I am inferior, a powerless victim" and its equal, opposite reaction: "I am superior, always in control."
18. Over time, our perceptions and beliefs about Reality become ever more polarized and rigid.
19. The results of perceiving Reality through inflated self-importance and all its derivative beliefs are devastating: we come to believe that we are condemned because we are irrepairably defective, and therefore unworthy of love.
20. These core beliefs manifest as a deep sense of lack, that our very survival is at stake. In desperation we seek to be lovable as determined by others, projecting an idealized self-image, and we call that image "I".
21. At a critical point in our lives we "forget" that the image is merely a projection and we come to believe our own deception. We "fall asleep" to our true Potential, living in a dream-reality.
22. We become fragmented, cut off from vast regions of our being. We become terrified for our survival, guilt-ridden for our lies, and debilitated by the needless suffering of "trauma-dramas".
23. Sustaining this imaginary reality requires nearly all our attention and vital energies, diminishing our consciousness, and leaves us at the mercy of our mechanical drives and external events.
24. Because all our developmental years were lived in the presence of sleeping, mechanical, out of balance people, we have never known anything different. We find it difficult even to envision another reality.

III. Once we grasp the nature of the Human condition, we are in a position to change our experience.
25. Sometimes we hear a Call from deep within, from the parts of ourselves cut off from conscious awareness.
26. We can choose to acknowledge the Call or to ignore it.
27. When we ignore it, we experience chronic, low-grade hopelessness leading to despair, which drives us to seek relief by sinking deeper into unconsciousness.
28. If we choose to acknowledge the Call, we begin to realize how imbalanced and debilitated we've become, and we experience the deep sadness of Conscience: the desire to change.
29. If we choose to respond to Conscience, Hope is born as we begin the long journey Home. Each step along the way lightens the sadness, and we begin to experience joy.
30. We begin to realize that this "ability to respond" is the only "control" we have.
31. Response-ability is the degree to which we are aware that our perceptions and experiences of life are the result of our own beliefs and behavior.
32. The degree to which we develop our ability to redirect, re-focus and sustain attention on the responses of our choice, determines how a new vision for reality begins to manifest.
33. We can choose to disagree with the beliefs holding the dream-reality in place, and we can unlearn their corresponding habits.
34. A de-polarized Mind reveals a tender Heart. "Love", the unconditional, inclusive acceptance of the self as it is, heals the illusion of unworthiness so that one may become whole again.
35. The very laws that make change possible paradoxically seem to work against change as they strive to maintain equilibrium. Understanding the cosmic laws and their effects is paramount to making effective efforts and to develop an informed Faith in my true Potential.
36. Ultimately we must be prepared to give up everything we believe we know about ourselves and the world in order to prepare for the birth of a new Being.
37. At times we may feel like we are dying, as the very ground we stand upon is pulled out from under us.
38. At these times we need to remember that the aim of the spiritual path is to "die before we die". We must die to our former, illusory self in order to journey into re-union with our indwelling Presence.
39. Together we can align with the common Aim of recovering from the results of imbalance and unconscious living to co-create a new reality for ourselves in harmony with the Web of Life.
40. Together we can grow a Community of people who, with supple minds and hearts, live, love and work together through intelligent cooperation.

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