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About Kamori
Kamori Cattadoris, Founder of ATCC

Founder of Ancient Traditions

Kamori Cattadoris began her spiritual quest at the tender age of 7 when she realized she could not accept what the nuns and priests were preaching about God and Jesus and the Bible at the Catholic church and school she attended. The beliefs they expressed were opposed to her basic Common Sense: on the one hand God was described as Omnicient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent; and on the other hand God was portrayed with no more maturity or self control than a two-year-old human. Lingering questions about the ultimate nature of Reality and the purpose of Human Life led her to investigate many traditions as an adult. Finding none that satisfied basic Common Sense, she rejected them all -- and God, too, labeling herself as an atheist for a time.

Nevertheless, her questions gave her no peace, and so the search continued, branching out to Eastern traditions. In 1973 she discovered the teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff and found her way to a study group in Portland, Oregon, lead by Mrs. A.L. Staveley. Still a rebel, she spent many years there "on the fence" indulging in doubt and procrastination. Finally she committed to her own spiritual and psychological transformation and began applying the principles in her life to the best of her understanding and ability. As she became more accepting and inclusive of the parts of herself, so her relationships to others grew more inclusive. As she restored balance within, the quality of her life became more balanced as well. In all, she spent 17 years of active participation in the Gurdjieff community, now known as Two Rivers Farm in Aurora, Oregon.

In 1991 she and her husband, Robert, moved from Oregon to Washington. Unable to find a spiritual center dedicated to the "how" of applying teachings to one's life, and longing for the Synergy present in a Community of people of like mind and heart, she started a small Gurdjieff study group in Spokane.

In 2003 Kamori discovered the spiritual community in Vernon, B.C., led by Murat Yagan, one of the last living Elders of the Kebzeh tradition. She experienced their Essentialist Church of Christ, which strips away all the baggage piled on top of Jesus's teachings to the "essentials". She experienced Murat's message of Hope: that it is our destiny, and therefore the birthright, of all Humans to attain communion with God within (not an anthropomorphic god "out there"). She recognized that she had never really rejected God or Faith, but rather she had rejected humanity's beliefs ABOUT the nature of God and Faith.

Mr. Yagan also gently uncovered the reality that Mr. Gurdjieff had died before completing his task of bringing a practical teaching to the Western World. While this message is difficult to accept, given the respect and awe Gurdjieff followers hold for the "Rascal Sage", nevertheless in her heart she knew this was true. As Mr. Yagan is no longer accepting pupils, her search continued.

Around this same time she discovered the books of Théun Mares on the Toltec Path of Freedom. She knew she had struck gold, and for the next six years voraciously consumed the books, applying the principles to her life. She was finally able to break through the "glass ceiling" of stagnation that all sincere seekers experience sooner or later when not working directly with a Master. In 2009 Kamori discovered Théun's Toltec Legacy online teaching facility and immediately subscribed. Through dialog with Théun Mares and Elizabeth Schnugh, facilitator of Toltec Courses, Kamori's journey continues to unfold as she learns how to gain mastery of the small self in preparation for dis-covery of the True Self. There is only ONE TRUTH and ONE PURPOSE after all!

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